Old people come from another country

It’s as if old people were from another country. They grew up when everything was slower and there were no computers and computer games. Older artists express themselves differently than young artists.

As a writer, and perhaps as an old one, I’ve been thinking more about childhood lately. Because I grew up in the ’40s and ’50s, without computers and computer games, and at a much slower pace than kids do today, I’m sure I have a different sensibility than younger writers. In the middle class suburban years of those decades I, like everyone I knew, was very earnest. Listen to any song sung by Patti Page or Vic Damone to see what I mean. I know–there was other music out there: blues, jazz, café singers.. and my mother practiced classical piano incessantly–but the air in the suburbs was thick with all those sweet yearny numbers from “Your Hit Parade.” Most jokes were silly or corny; humor was almost gentle (Jack Benny, Red Skelton, Bob Hope, etc. No one told me about Mort Sahl until I was out of there.)

momtv by lobstar28. Flickr

Today, in contrast, most humor is laced with irony or satire; as often as not it’s bawdy. Above all, it’s quirky and provocative, and it makes you think. Popular music is usually loud and verbose, and full of invention. Contemporary culture is shaped by the drive to always do something new, and while that may have been true then too, the drive has been intensified considerably. In mass culture especially, the urge to create is all about youth and novelty.

I’m not being critical of today. People like May Wilson (my last post) grew up as I did, and reacted against it. My generation helped shape today’s, especially in the ’60s. But growing up that way, with all that sincerity, all that idealism, and the conviction that moral decisions were simple if people would only make them, all that must make a difference in how we create.

The Whitehouse. NYC 1984.

Old people come from another country.

Author: latefruit

I am forever writing the great American novel, practicing the piano (in hopes of joining an amateur string quartet someday), gardening, and now, since I've gotten old when I wasn't looking, trying to figure out what that means.

3 thoughts on “Old people come from another country”

  1. I loved reading about May Wilson. She didn’t live in the Chelsea, but right next door. I’ll never forget my visits to her (often with Stuart, I believe), tables crammed with fascinating works, interesting people dropping by, May in her kaftan, always so cordial to me as Sally’s sister. Every few years, there’s a show of her works in some spartan gallery, so unlike her home/studio. Still, just like love, art lives.

    1. Hi Jane – I’m glad you enjoyed it. I wish I knew more because she’s a fascinating subject. According to Sally, and some Internet sources, she came to the Chelsea first and even planned to run for mayor there. She moved next door because it was less expensive.

      Jeannine tells me you’re coming to VT when I’m going to be there. I’m looking forward to seeing you!!!



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