The critics be damned!

Never, never ask an artist what something means!

The critics be damned!

It is never right to ask an artist, whether old or young, what a painting, a piece of writing or a musical composition means, says my friend Sally. Many of us seem to have accepted that principle where the graphic arts and music are concerned, but when there’s something in writing, we expect it to open its meaning to us immediately, and if it doesn’t, we want an interpretation. We demand an interpretation! A host of critics are depending on us for their livelihoods.

Not so, says Sally. You must make of these what you will. They’re yours to understand in any way you choose.

Author: latefruit

I am forever writing the great American novel, practicing the piano (in hopes of joining an amateur string quartet someday), gardening, and now, since I've gotten old when I wasn't looking, trying to figure out what that means.

One thought on “The critics be damned!”

  1. It’s never right to be cruel, insensitive, or uncaring. In my experience artists welcome sincere comments, enjoy conversing about their art. For me, what makes visiting a gallery exhibition or arts&craft show enjoyable is the opportunity to talk to artists.

    Art is a dialogue, a synergy that exists jointly in the mind of the creator & viewer.

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