the Kreative Blogger Award!

This post is about the Kreative Blogger Award and fulfilling the seven obligations of a nominee.

I was delighted recently to receive a Kreative Blogger Award from a very kreative blogger in Australia. So, what, you may well ask, is that? As you can see, the award has an especially attractive logo.  I like that. And it’s a way of thanking bloggers that you find provocative and worth reading, blogs you visit frequently and feel a connection with. It’s something like chain mail but without the guilt and strings attached. As another kreative blogger put it, it gives each blogger a chance to reflect on what matters and take the time to look at why.
Everyone who receives an award must perform seven tasks when they accept it. So that’s what today’s post is all about, my performance of those tasks.

Here’s how it works

1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award. I want to thank Marilyn Kay Dennis (Splatter) for nominating me. I have no idea how she found me, but she did. She’s a fascinating person and so is her blog which is mostly about sometimes arcane but always amazing histories from the middle ages and early renaissance, with occasional pieces on Australia, health, et. al.

2. Copy the logo to your blog (that’s it, no link or anything). I did that. It should have been simple but I managed to make it complicated.

3.Link to the person who nominated you for this award. I am putting Splatter on my new Blogroll of special bloggers.

4. Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting.
I earned a B.A. in philosophy from San Francisco State University (then College). I studied philosophy because I wanted to be a writer and our mantra in those days was that studying writing would probably ruin a writer. I went to graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania to pursue religious studies because most philosophy programs at that time were devoted to logic and I was more interested in the meaning of life.

I earned an MA and an ABD (All But the Dissertation) when I decided my dissertation topic didn’t make that much sense and so, never wrote it.
No one was hiring philosophers back then, so I became a freelance writer-producer with national and international church organizations with a leftwing bent: the National Council of Churches, the United Methodist Board of Global Ministries, the United Presbyterian Church, the World Council of Churches…. I wrote magazine articles, a book, made slide shows and multimedia productions and eventually, when the technology evolved, videos about farm worker, environmental, economic, feminist and other social issues.

I lived for 23 years on New York City’s Upper West Side, and traveled briefly to the Caribbean, China, India, Europe and Russia – as well as many places in the U.S.

I lived for another 13 years in northern Vermont where I tried my hand at gardening, desktop publishing, and coordinating an education program for kids at the Old Stone House Museum. (Look for them on the Internet!)

I now live in Santa Rosa, California with a partner I first met in 8th grade.

I was the co-owner of a toy shop in Philadelphia in the 1960s. We strove for enchantment, but came up broke.

I started wanting to be a writer at the age of 9 when I decided that I probably hadn’t the ability to be a composer (I was thinking symphonies!) I’ve never stopped wanting to be, although I haven’t always worked at it.

5. Nominate 7 Kreativ Bloggers. This was a difficult job, but here goes.

My first nominee is Mad Silence, a blog written by a father-daughter team. He lives in the U.S. and she is in Japan. They write about almost anything, especially art and culture, but the subject is almost always put in a new perspective. There’s always something to discover.

My second nominee is Art Blog by Bob because he reports on out-of-the-way art and it’s always exciting.

My third nominee is Jeane-ArtIt. Jeane, the blogger, is a “contemporary abstract artist working in mixed media.” I suppose she doesn’t do anything with her blog that other artists don’t do, but I love her work. She posts it, she talks about how she did it, and I like looking at it.

My fourth nominee is Urbandon who scavenges for junk metal and other obscure odds and ends and makes art of it. His writing is fun and his objects are delightful.

My fifth nominee is Advanced Style. The bloggers (two women – young and old) scour the streets of New York to find the city’s most stylish and chic older folks, people with real style and glamour. I’ve never been one of those people, not even at a young age, but these people make me want to be, even at a late age.

My sixth nominee is a bit odd. Morbid Anatomy is put up by a graphic designer and photographer. I’m not especially morbid, but the site is full of quirky stuff about death, and ends by telling us more about the living. It’s also a pleasure graphically.

The seventh and last nominee is Birds on a Wire. She’s a chatty blogger, and there are a lot of those, but she’s always provocative at the same time as she’s local – that is, writing about people and places she knows well.